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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

The Missing Link Server Edition, (TML Server Edition)

The Missing Link Server Edition is an import utility that provides integration to supported Econnect Document Types. Today, there are a slew of import tools for MS Dynamics - GP. My preferred tool is eOne's SmartConnect. However, that product does cost a lot, (well worth it for what it does). But sometimes you need something that just does simple importing and don't need all the bells and whistles. That's what The Missing Link Server Edition does. Lower cost and not a lot of bells and whistles to worry about.

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  1. No longer need to install on workstations. Install eConnect and TML (Server Edition) on a server and you are done with installations.
    • Drop source files into network folder with access for users.
    • Service runs on a timer.
    • All errors are reported via SMTP to designated users in a global email list if not overriden by individual import setup for SMTP.
    • Individual imports support both negative and positive confirmations with separate email list from global email list.
    • Errors are dumped to errorlog folder for backup to email failure.
  2. Leverages eConnect to provide data integrity checks for MS Dynamics GP.
  3. SQL security is automatically handled via MS Dynamics - GP security so you don't have to create a special user in SQL.
  4. Source files don't have to match a predefined format. You can map the destination to the source fields.
  5. Just some of the items you can import with TML Server Edition:
    • GL Chart of Accounts
    • GL Journal Entries
    • Receivable Customer Master data
    • Receivable Transactions
    • Receivable Cash Receipts
    • Inventory Master data
    • Inventory Adjustments
    • Payroll Employee Master data
    • Payroll Transactions
    • Payable Vendors Master data
    • Payable Transactons
    • Purchase orders and Receipts
    • Sales Order Processing

Quick Info:
The Missing Link, (Server Edition.)
Download Size 2.062 MB Current Release
Date Published 01/19/2022
Microsoft Dynamics - GP 2018
Notes: Unlike the old TML (Sr.), TML (Server Edition), does not require reporting tools.
.Net 4.8 is Required