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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Credit Card Payments...

Note: Processing Fee is applicable!

All of our software is billed on a cash basis. Your registration keys are forwarded to you via e-mail upon receipt of payment and an adequate amount of time for payment to clear your banking institution. However, sometimes you need the keys faster than the banks allow. Thus, we will accept a payment using your credit card, but only via a payment processing center such as PayPal®.

Credit Card processing fees are not calculated into our lists price because the default for most of our resellers is to send a check. For this reason, we do require that you add 2.9% to your purchase price to cover the overhead of using a credit card. This policy is non-negotiable. You may send a check if you are uncomfortable with paying the processing fee. However, your transaction will be subject to the normal wait time required by our banking institution to clear a check, (normally 2 ? 4 business days).