What's new...

New Inovations
Although we are continually enhancing all of our products, lately, most of our time has been enhancing two of our main products. The Missing Link, (Jr.) and Job Cost Lite.

The Missing Link:
January-2006: We've added the ability to import in sales tax information into AR invoices.

June - 2006:  We've completed the ability to import in PO's, and receipts.  Receipts without PO's can automatically create PO's or simple create non-PO receipts.

Wow!  A ton of new stuff.  Check out the new capability to create a project from the SOP window using the SOP attributes.  Line items and comments automatically are added to the estimate of the newly create project.

The Time & Billing window has been tottaly re-vamped for ease of use and data entry. 

ezSales Entry:
We've added the ability to send MS Outlook invoices directly from the SOP Entry window using our ezInvoice technology. 

Sop to POP now allows for vendor item number recognition and optional comment copy to the PO.

Sop to POP now supports a batch process.  Instead of processing each Sop transaction independently, you can now process them all at the end of the day.